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As you stroll through the aisle to purchase your usual beauty supplies, you’re mentally tabulating price comparisons for the best bang for your buck. Upon face value, you may think you’re getting the most for your money with regular shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. However, it’s important to perform a true side-by-side comparison to determine where the value truly lies.
At Shellz professional we stand behind our professional product lines and encourage you to do the same! Upon comparison, you’ll find that professional products are best for your hair and budget!

Professional products are tested and specially formulated to deliver results. While over-the-counter products may carry similar ingredients, they are often not equally concentrated, a little bit goes a long way with professional-grade products. You can use less product over time, resulting in a less expensive product when considering cost per use.

All Natural

Why not be able to care for your hair, naturally. Choose from our gentle Herbal Shampoos & Conditioners for dry or normal hair.

Cruelty Free

No animal testing is used during the development of Shellz products and Shellz does not commission any animal testing on finished products.

Professional Packaging

Our products are packaged and bottled in professional grade packaging to ensure our products stay in top standards.


Only the best

Beauty salons are special places where customers can enjoy exceptional treatments and premium service at the hands of professionals, when they find their hair at a level of beauty that exceeds their expectations, they experience a joy like no other. This is the moment when customers realize that their hearts, as well as their hair, have been treated with great care.

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Cleanse, moisturize, nourish, strengthen, smooth, repair and protect every type of hair with Shellz Professional Haircare products.
Bring these professional haircare products including professional shampoo, conditioner, treatments, dyes and more into your salon to provide your clients with the best haircare experience tailored to their unique haircare needs.